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Gold Loan Calculator

Gold Loan @ 7%

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Gold Loan Calculator

Gold loan is more like a blessing to the people who are having idle gold and want to start their new business or need some financial help. Because gold loan offers so many benefits like quick and easy access, fast disbursal. Moreover, it comes with less documentation work. The interest rate on a gold loan is very cheap as compared to the other loans. This is the most advantageous feature of this. Many financial organizations provide gold loan with very tight security of your gold ornaments. So here is the gold loan calculator for you!! Different gold loan giving banks or financial organizations provide the gold loan calculator for the convenience of the customers. You just have to open a gold loan calculator in your android phone.


  • The moment you open the calculator you’re going get three bars. First one is for the amount of loan that is needed.
  • On the second bar, you’ll get a line where interest rate will be showing.
  • On the third line, you will get a line where you are going to get the option for the tenure of the loan. You are supposed to choose the time period for the loan you want to get.


So by using this calculator, you can very easily get to know about the interest rates and about the EMI’s without bothering at all. You can check it out at any time at any place. It has been so easy to calculate your EMI’s without actually going to the banks or without actually calling the banks. This is very less time-consuming. Once you know that what amount of EMI you are going to pay and you find it beneficial you can apply for the gold loan. So this is the very worthwhile feature of the banks. You can make use of your idle gold ornaments in your financial crises. There is nothing to worry about your assets because banks are giving you the full security for the safety of your gold.