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Gold Loan Ramachandrapuram

Gold Loan @ 7%

Apply & Get Instant Money

If an individual needs immediate cash with less documentation then the gold loan is the best.  Generally, Banks offer Low-interest rates in case of a gold loan. It is the best way to make a loan if you have gold ornaments to keep, and it can save you from facing financial problems. The bank is entirely responsible for the security of the gold.


Interest rates of Gold Loan in Ramachandrapuram                         

In the gold loan, the loan is available at straightforward rates of interest. The interest rates are less than from other loans such as a personal loan. The interest rate on the gold loan may vary from person to person at different, but the gold loan is available at less than 1% per month interest rate.


Eligibility of Gold Loan Ramachandrapuram                       

For this loan, all the financial institutions have the same criteria.

First a fall, the applicant must have Indian citizenship.

After that, the age of the applicant should lie between 18 to 65 years.

 At last, the borrower should have gold more than 10 grams.

The applicant should have their gold ornaments.


Features of Gold Loan Ramachandrapuram                        

Firstly, the Gold loan requires lesser documentation process.

Besides that, Loan disbursal time is very less.

After that, security is very compact.

All the applicants can apply for a gold loan with bad CIBIL score.

At last, the gold loan disbursal time can be short.

Furthermore, in the gold loan, there is less paperwork required.

To get a gold loan, there is no requirement of a good CIBIL score.

At last, the gold loan disbursal time can be short.


 Why should one choose Gold Loan in Ramachandrapuram?

The borrower has applied to get a gold loan for a small period generally from 6 to 12 months.

The gold loan is available at a lower rate of interest.

The applicant needs to pay the interest rate and no EMI.’


Documents required for Gold Loan Ramachandrapuram              

Unlike other loans where documentation is an integral part of the process, gold loan documents needed to be submitted are only the necessary KYC like

You need to present any of the following identification proofs such as Aadhaar card, driving license, Voter Id, PAN card etc. Any of the following could be performed to satisfy the documentation process.

Address Proof: Following proofs are required such as Driving License / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Passport Copy / registered lease agreement with not older than three months utility bills in the name of landlord (anyone)

In addition to that, two passport size coloured photograph of the applicant.

At last, Proof of landholding in case of agriculture loan of more than Rs. 1 lakh. is the best platform to apply for a Gold Loan in Ramachandrapuram 

The applicant can get all access to quires related to gold loan on .

The borrower does not need to go to different sites to apply for the gold loan by  

The documents of the customer will be picked up from your doorstep.


Is gold loan Secured?

Gold Loan is a loaning scheme which involves gold material to be used as collateral with the financial institutions until the borrower repays the loan amount to the institutions within the loan tenure period. Gold loan is the most popular financial good that is currently ruling the loan market and benefiting the borrowers as well. The financial institution is fully responsible for the security of the gold.


Forms of Gold

Firstly, the purity of the gold should lie in between 18 to 22 Karats.

After that, gold is accepted by the financial institution in the form of jewellery and coins.

Furthermore, the gold ornaments that involve gold coins that weigh less than 50 Grams are also accepted.


Gold Loan Ramachandrapuram Procedure

First, a fall, the borrower has to visit .

The applicant has to fill the application form with detailed information to get a gold loan.

Besides that, the borrower has to fill the contact number.

At last, the customer gets a call from the bank if the applicant is eligible for the gold loan.


 About Ramachandrapuram

Ramachandrapuram is a town located in the district of Godavari of Andhra Pradesh State in India.