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Gold Loan Tiruvallur

    There are various ways to get the financial help from the bank, but the monetary benefits of Gold Loan is among the best of them. You put your asset into a bank locker that is always safer than at home in addition to this interest rates are very less, and we doesn’t let you meet any hassles. Just apply for Gold Loan Tiruvallur.

    Gold Loan Tiruvallur  Eligibility

     Essential eligibility criteria which one needs to fulfil to apply for a gold loan successfully

    People under the age of 18 years cannot apply for a loan application

    You can only apply if you are an Indian citizen

    Moreover, people under 60 years of age can apply.

    18 Karats is the minimum purity of Gold needed to apply.

    Furthermore, you need to have at least 10 grams of Gold to get a loan on it.

    Required Documents for Gold Loan Tiruvallur

    Eventually, the documentation for a gold loan is among the most sorted and easy ones as you need to have elementary proofs.

    Identity proof: Every Indian have some basic identity hence for applying for a gold load you need to present those identities it can be one of these – aadhar card/ driving licence/passport/voter card

    Furthermore, for your address proof, you can provide any one of them: Aadhar Card/Card/Ration Card/ Utility Bills of last three months in the name of the applicant/ Passport Copy.

    Two latest passport size photos are also required.

    Besides,  for agriculture gold loan, you need to give land ownership details.

    Interest Rate for Gold Loan Tiruvallur

    In general, the Loan is available at a manageable percentage of interest. The reason behind that the gold loan is among the secured loans. Hence, the interest rates are less than that of a personal loan or any other kind of loans. Which becomes 10.75% annually, which are quite less when compared to personal Loan, which dwells around 15%-26% annually.

    Benefits of Gold Loan Tiruvallur

    Gold Loan is a most comfortable and simple way to get instant finance. It has only 30 minutes of disbursal procedure.

    Moreover, it has the most straightforward documentation process.

    Gold Loan is the best Loan to deal with your sudden as well as short-term needs.

    Interest rates are least than any other loan available out there.

    There are not any credit checks required.

     A person having a bad civil score is also eligible to apply for a gold loan.

    Procedure for Gold Loan Tiruvallur

    Applying for a gold loan is never a hassle, but we make it most quick and sorted for you.

    Just need to visit Lendingwale and go to golds loan menu.

    Eventually, fill the basic eligibility form there with your contact number.

    After that applicant gets the call from our relationship manager.

    Forms of Gold

    It is essential to know which type of Gold is eligible for Loan. Basically, gold quality needs to be in the range of 18 to 22 Karats.

    After that, Gold transformed into jewelry is acceptable.

    Besides, raw Gold is not accepted.

    Gold coins less than 50 grams are accepted.

     Is Gold Loan Secured?

    Yes, it is essential to note that the gold loan comes under the category of secured loans. As in a gold loan, the customers need to put their gold ornaments into the bank’s locker as collateral. If the customer is unable to return the gold loan on time, then the bank is liable to sell his gold ornaments. But as the customer is loyal in paying back his/her Gold is more secured with the bank than at homes.


    First of all, Lendingwale offers the most uncomplicated way of applying for a gold loan.

    Moreover, the customer gets a good comparison of the interest rates.

    Furthermore, You won’t get any hassles, and the company collects documents from your doorsteps.

    About Tiruvallur

    Tiruvallur district is an administrative district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. With a population of 3,728,104.