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    It is claimed to be a profitable trading platform with a success rate of 90% and above. The Platform provides the option of manual trading as well. Immediate Edge robot makes it more convenient for cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, it helps you build a diverse cryptocurrency investment portfolio. However, relying completely on trading software is a cause of worry among few.

    • Then, you just need to give some personal details, like where you live and when you were born.
    • To start live trading after making a deposit, you must select a trading criterion and turn on the trading robots.
    • Making a withdrawal from Immediate Edge fees is bearable.
    • The messaging giant, now under Meta’s wing, is crafting a feature for users…
    • You need to put aside as little as 40 minutes of trading preparation before getting started.

    With the correct trading platform, such as Immediate Edge, you can be confident that your transactions will be risk-free. Trading robots trade faster, and the algorithm only selects successful trades for the user. Using these cutting-edge technologies is the most unconventional way to profit from the bitcoin market. Immediate Edge is one such fully automated Bitcoin trading platform.

    STEP TWO: Deposit trading capital

    Once the system successfully accepts the form, the user is inducted into the platform, and they can access the private members’ section. As per the website of the platform, users aren’t charged any fee for registering. After successfully logging in, you only have to make some critical settings with the Immediate Edge App bot.

    Most brokers will open your account with them within just a few hours, and if everything goes well, you can activate your bot immediately after making your deposit with them. With this in mind, Immediate Edge may prove to be an excellent starting point for beginner traders, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Just remember to get comfortable with it through the demo account before risking real funds, and use extreme caution if applying leverage. Trustpilot is another platform where users leave their honest opinions and reviews.

    Immediate Edge – Is it Legit or a Scam? – Full Review 2023

    Despite our thorough research, no evidence surfaced to back up this claim. Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to develop a trading plan. You can let the bot do most of the work by choosing full automation.

    • Simple KYC process (compared to other platforms with massive amounts of information required).
    • The trading robot keeps looking for profitable trading opportunities all day while letting you relax and do other important things.
    • An automated Bitcoin trading bot will continue to work for you even when you are spending time with your pals on Saturday and Sunday nights.
    • One does not need to research market rates and the direction in which the volatility flows.
    • Now, if you search on Google about one cryptocurrency trading robot, you will find 1000 others.

    Start by creating an account on Immediate Edge’s website. Once you’ve got your account, you’ll have to share documents like your ID and proof of where you live. Let’s investigate whether Immediate Edge has ever made an appearance on TV or caught the attention of big-name celebrities. It can keep an eye on prices across different exchanges and grab opportunities when there’s a price difference.

    OkCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Review (

    Some claim that Tesla has used Immediate Edge to trade the said Bitcoin. However, there is no evidence to support this claim as both parties have not said anything related to this claim. Shark Tank is a reality show where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to investors. It is particularly important is the core premise of trading, which is to accept losses as well. If you do not want to be patient with your losses, you should make your initial investment in the smallest amount possible.

    • People have written how this software provided them with the expected profits.
    • However, because there have been some bad remarks about the platform’s payout mechanism, there is no certainty that the payout system works.
    • Very creative in the construction of ‘reviews’ on multiple platforms.
    • This setting lets you explore the Immediate Edge app interface and practice making trades without spending any real money.
    • Here is how to make withdrawals from your broker’s platform.
    • It works with trusted crypto brokers in order to execute trades.

    They make sure you’re real through a solid verification system. You have to confirm your email by clicking a link they send. They also want to see your ID to verify that you are who you say you are. Immediate Edge is available in over 150 countries, even in places that are usually tough to reach, like parts of Asia and Africa. This is because it partners with lots of brokers all over the world. I began following the development of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in early 2013, and quickly became fascinated by the potential of this new technology.

    How Many Trades Can I Do Daily with Immediate Edge? Is There a Limit?

    The second stage of the process is adding money to the trading account. The funds added by users in their trading accounts get used later on to execute trade orders. So, undoubtedly, it’s the most important step in the process. As mentioned above, Immediate Edge allows its users to trade in the fully automatic mode. In fully automatic mode, the system does all its research and places the deal accordingly.

    Some brokers might also want proof of your money, like bank statements. Immediate Edge proudly boasts a remarkable success rate of 99%, meaning that the bot makes successful trades about 99 out of 100 times. While achieving this is a challenge, it’s not impossible. Several outside experts agree with this impressive claim because the bot’s intelligence gets updated regularly to match the ever-changing market. This program looks at how the prices of cryptocurrencies have changed in the past and it uses this information to find patterns.

    What devices can I use the Immediate Edge app on?

    There is also enough proof to indicate that it’s profitable. Many individuals claim that Immediate Edge auto trading software is popular because of celebrity and company endorsements. We researched these rumors and below are our findings regarding these claims. Once you have verified your identity, Immediate Edge requires you to deposit $250 to place your first trade. While you can deposit more funds if you like, we would strongly recommend that you stick to the minimum amount, particularly if you are new to investing. You’ll want to eliminate as much risk as possible until you know how the site works.

    • Immediate Edge app ensures high-level security on its platforms.
    • The second is how the organization handles customer data, verifies identity, e-mails and always provides a reliable manner of investing.
    • The software will execute trade orders for users in the assistance mode.
    • It’s important to note that the content on the Bitnation website shouldn’t be considered investment advice.

    He invests in the financial markets himself and is interested in sharing his expertise with others. Remember the number one rule is to only invest money you can afford to lose and do your own research. If you are struggling with losses, we recommend finding someone to give you qualified investment advice.

    STEP 1: Fill Signup Form

    If you are really interested in trading Crypto, then look at the popular licensed and regulated brokers. Our investigative review of the Immediate Edge Bot shows, that the software is from the same company as Bitcoin Trader. There are a few different versions of Immediate Edge, located at different websites. Always check your address bar to see what the web is that you are on.

    • Milan’s exploration has led him to delve into various software and platforms across diverse niches, spanning from website builders and CRM to LMS and SEO.
    • You can create an account for free and start straight away.
    • Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews.
    • Anonymized developers are fairly common in the crypto trading robot sphere, and it doesn’t have to be a red flag.
    • A very peculiar feature of scam software is that you can deposit the amount quickly, but withdrawals will take forever to process.
    • However, you can access the Immediate Edge trading platform using any device’s mobile browser.