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Indian Bank Personal Loan

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    Indian Bank Personal Loan helps customers meet their various monetary requirements like medical emergency, debt consolidation, etc. Furthermore, The Bank is committed to easy documentation as well as fast allotment helping customers to avail a lot of services making their life easier by being better at finance management. Also, anyone looking for quick and straightforward disposal of Personal Loan may apply with Indian Bank by checking in all the documentation and suitable requirements.

    Why opt for Indian Bank Personal Loan?

    Uniquely, Indian Bank grants you Personal Loan starting at Rs.50,000 – 5,00,000 depending on the client’s financial power, credit score, and professional background.

    Furthermore, customers can benefit Personal Loan without much tension, and they can have their request permitted inside four working hours.

    Also, Indian Bank requires very less documentation for the approval of the Loan, and the loan process is very speedy.

    Lastly, no Guarantor or Cosigner is required to avail the Loan.

    Eligibility for Indian Bank Personal Loan


    Profession: The person should be working in a government, private or MNC Company.

    Eligible Age: The Minimum age to apply for a Personal Loan is 18-55 years.


    Eligible Age: The Minimum age to apply for a Personal Loan is 18-55 years.

    Profession: The Person should be professionals like Doctors, CA, CS, Architects, Lawyer, or, doing his own business.

    Indian Bank Personal Loan Interest rate

    Interest rates start from 10.99% and vary according to the following reasons;

    Profile of Customers

    Tenure of the Loan

    Documents Required


    Firstly, identity Proof like Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID card or Driving License

    In addition, address proof such as Ration card, Passport, rent agreement, electricity/water bill.

    PAN card


    Firstly, identity Proof like Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID card or Driving License

    In addition, address such as proof Ration card, Passport, rent agreement, electricity/water bill.

    Equally, important is the last six months of Bank statements.

    Likewise, latest ITR along with computation of income along with P/L audited by certified CA for the previous two years.


    As a matter of fact, Tenure is the period for which you get the Loan; here, it is for one to three years.

    About Indian Bank

    Indian Bank is an Indian state-owned financial services company established in 1907 and headquartered in Chennai, India Total business of the bank has touched Rs.4.30 lakh Crores as on 31 March 2019. Bank’s Information Systems & Security processes certified with ISO27001:2013 standard and is among very few Banks certified worldwide. . It has 20,924 employees, 2900 branches with 2861 ATMs and 1014 cash deposit machines and is one of the top performing public sector banks in India.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q1. Why should I take a personal loan from Indian Bank?

    Ans. Indian Bank Personal Loan per gram allows you to know offers about consumer loans under its bouquet of personal loans.

    Q 2. What is interest charged?

    Ans. 10.99% is the minimum interest rate charged by the Bank.

    Q 4. What is Tenure?

    Ans: The Tenure of Personal Loan is 12-60 months.

    Q 5. What amount Personal loan amount I can borrow?

    Ans: Comparatively, The applicant can get a loan amount of Rs. 50000 to 500000 at maximum for three years.

    Q 6. How much does the bank charge as processing fee?

    Ans: The processing fee charged is 1% for GST.

    Q 7. Is age an eligibility criterion in getting a Personal loan?

    Ans: Yes, age is a factor to apply for a Personal loan. The minimum age of the applicant should be 18-55 years.

    Q 8. Do prepayment charges apply?

    Ans: The pre-closure charges are 0.