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Personal Loan Alirajpur

Personal Loan is an unsecured loan, which is provided by various NBFC’s and commercial banks to fulfill the requirement of finance. A personal loan has many uses like planning your dream vacation, meeting unexpected medical expenses or sending your daughter abroad for higher studies, etc. A Personal Loan Alirajpur gets quickly approved, and you can also avail a foreclosure facility.

Personal Loan Alirajpur interest rate 

The borrower can get the best loan depending upon his/her capacity to pay back and the company you are working with. The lowest interest rate for availing a personal loan is 10.75%per annum, which is even less than 1% per month. Higher the amount of loan, lesser will be the interest rates.

Personal Loan Alirajpur eligibility 

Not everyone can get a personal loan. There are some criteria on the basis of them the bank provide a personal loan to the applicants. Let us discuss them.


First of all, the age of the applicant should be more than 21 years.
After that he/she should be earning Rs. 18000 per month at least.
After that, the applicant should have the work experience of 3 years at least.
After that he/she should be getting the salary in his/her bank account.
The credit history of the applicant should be good.


If the applicant is self-employed, then his/her age should be 25 years at least.
He/she should be filing ITR for last three years at least.
His/her CIBIL score should be good.
The ITR should be of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per annum at least.

Benefits of Personal Loan Alirajpur

The approval of the personal loan is speedy and hassle-free.
It is an unsecured loan, so there is no need to pledge any collateral.
The loan gets approved within 30 minutes.
Personal loan requires minimal documentation.
The disbursal of personal loan requires only 24 hours.
The interest rates are low.
The applicant can use the loan amount anyway he/she likes.

Is Personal Loan secured?

The personal loan falls under the category of unsecured loans, so there is no need to pledge any collateral security to the bank to get a personal loan. It is also beneficial to meet the urgent financial requirement of the applicant.

Documents required for Personal Loan Alirajpur

One Identity proof is required. (Passport/Id card/voter card/driving license)
Two passport size colored photos. (Applicant should not be wearing glasses)
Bank statement of the last six months and salary slip of last three months needed.
Residence proof can be the Aadhar card, voter card, and passport (Passport/Id card/voter card/driving license). Electricity and water bill for the last three months because these are the proofs that you are residing in that particular place.
The applicant is required to have salary slips of last three months.

How to apply online?

First of all, you need to visit our website, i.e.,

After that, you need to fill your necessary information.
Make sure you fill your correct information so that we can contact you.
Now, once you are done with the formalities, all you need to do is sit and chill, our relationship manager will contact you as soon as possible.
Our relationship manager will compare different loaning schemes according to your eligibility and select the best loaning scheme for you.
At last, your loan will get disbursed within 24 hours.

Tenure of Personal Loan Alirajpur

The applicants are free to choose the mandate of the Loan according to their convenience. It can be from 1 to 5 years.

About Alirajpur

Alirajpur is a town in Alirajpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Alirajpur State was formerly a princely state of India. It has a total area of 836 m². It had been from time to time under British administration. The Victoria bridge at Alirajpur was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of 1897. It has a total population of 28498.

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