Personal Loan Shahbad

Everyone worries about their loved one, and it is necessary to take care of their needs and wants, but sometimes these demands are out of limits, and you are not able to invest a lump sum amount at a single go. So Personal loan is the option that you can avail and fulfil your and loved one’s demands without any hesitation.

What is Personal Loan?

In this modern world, with growing expenses and a new lifestyle, it is necessary to cope up with the trend. So Personal Loan is a feature given by banks & NBFCs to get the best loan option to manage all responsibilities easily.

A Personal Loan can be used in various ways that can be utilized for accomplishing many purposes. These reasons could be debt repayment, taxes, paying medicinal bills and more. Personal finance is immediate finance, which a person can avail within 2-3 working days with minimum documentation needed.

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Why should one apply for Personal Loan Shahbad?

Firstly, The Loan amount depends on the income and repayment ability of the applicant.

Secondly, It is a multi-purpose offer that can be used for nearly all monetary problems.

Also, No need to put any property or asset as collateral to the lender.

And, No cosigner required.


Personal Loan is not given to everyone, and there are some eligibility criteria based on which the bank provides a loan to the candidate. There are two divisions of applicants:

  1. Self-Employed
  2. Salaried

There are different eligibility criteria for different applicant.

Self-employed Applicant:

  1. The self-employed person’s age should be a minimum of 24 years.
  2. The applicant should have ITR at least for the last three years.
  3. The Credit Score of the applicant should be at least 680+.
  4. The Income tax return(ITR) which the applicant files should be Rs 2,50,000 per annum.
  5. And, if the applicant is a businessman, then his business should be running from at least the last three years.

Salaried Applicant:

  1. The Minimum age of the aspirant should be at least 21 years and maximum up to 60 years.
  2. The borrower should have pay of minimum Rs.20,000 per month
  3. The borrower must have the experience of the last three years, and the salary should get ECS’ed in the account.
  4. The person must have a CIBIL score of at least 680+

The documentation process is easy; they have to submit their bank statement of the previous three months and the salary statement of the previous six months.

Personal Loan Shahbad  Documents

  1. Identity proof: Passport/voter card/driving license/Aadhaar Card) It can be any one of them.
  2. Residence proof: Passport/voter card/driving license/Aadhaar Card). And if the applicant is living in a rented house, then they have to submit their rent agreement.
  3. The applicant must submit his/her PAN card.
  4. Salaried applicants have to submit their salary slip of the last three months and the bank statements of the previous six months.
  5. The self-employed applicant has to provide the ITR of the previous three years, and registration of their business should be done.
  6. Two passport size colored photos.

How to Apply for Personal Loan Shahbad?

Anybody can apply for Personal Loan online within 2 minutes. The process of application is straightforward and swift.

 First of all, check your eligibility.

  1. Visit LendingWale website.
  2. After that, apply for a Personal Loan on the online portal.
  3. Write your contact number so that we can call you back.
  4. Lendingwale is the best stage to apply for a personal loan as you will get a loan at affordable charges of interest.

Personal Loan Shahbad  Interest Rates: Updated

Bank Interest Rates
HDFC Bank 10.99% to 18%
ICICI Bank 13.99% to 18%
Fullerton India 17.25% to 32%
Bajaj Finserv 13.99% to 16.75%
Axis Bank 15.50% to 24%
Standard Chartered Bank 15.75% to 22%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 13.75% to 19%
Andhra Bank 13.50% to 22%
Bank of Baroda 13.50% to 19%
Vijaya Bank 13.75% to 22%
Corporation Bank 14.50% to 20%
Allahabad Bank 13.70% to 20%

 About Shahbad

 Shahbad is a town of Kurukshetra District of Indian state Haryana. The NBFCs & Banks are also willing to process personal loans in Shahbad  as more as possible. Visit LendingWale to get assistance as soon as possible.

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